Fact sheets

The Office for Volunteers produces a range of fact sheets covering topics relevant to individual volunteers and volunteer involving organisations.

Each fact sheet aims to give the reader a broad overview of a particular topic in addition to providing a range of avenues to find further detailed information.

The following fact sheets are available:

  1. Screening and Police Checks for Volunteers (PDF 152 KB)
  2. Free police checks for volunteers-VOAN Number Process (PDF 147 KB)
  3. Volunteer Protection Act 2001 (PDF 106KB)
  4. Engaging people with disabilities in volunteering (PDF 110 KB)
  5. Group insurance for the volunteer community (PDF 105 KB)*
  6. Incorporation (PDF 103 KB)
  7. Media guide for community groups (PDF 120KB) 
  8. Recognising your volunteers (PDF 112KB)
  9. Risk management (PDF 150KB)
  10. Solving volunteer workplace disputes (PDF 103KB)
  11. Sponsorship guide for community groups (PDF 123 KB)
  12. Protection for community board members(PDF 198KB)

*NB: Some contact details in Fact Sheet 5: Group Insurance for the Volunteer Community have been changed. See new Local Community Insurance Services details below.

Local Community Insurance Services (LCIS) Clubs and Community Groups Insurance Scheme

The Local Community Insurance Services website provides information about available insurance covers and provides free quotes.

For more information please email your request to insurance@lcis.com.au or you can also contact LCIS on 1300 853 800.

Further sites for information on insurance cover for community groups can be found at: www.ofv.sa.gov.au/latest-news

Safe Work Australia: Information on work, health and safety laws.

Safe Work Australia publishes a range of guidance material to provide information on the model work health and safety laws and to assist compliance for volunteers and volunteers organisations.