Volunteer certificate recognition program

Are you an organisation or community group who would like to say thanks to your dedicated volunteers?

Recognising the work of volunteers is crucial. It's all about letting them know you appreciate them and the work they do - so why not reward their efforts by presenting them with a certificate of appreciation.

To assist you, the Office for Volunteers has developed two levels of certificates, which can be awarded to acknowledge the participation and valuable contribution of volunteers.

2018 Premier's certificate of recognition for outstanding volunteer service

Do your volunteers go above and beyond? Hav you wondered how you can let them know they are appreciated? Nominate them for the 2018 Premier's Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Volunteer Service!

The Certificate of Recognition provides an opportunity for volunteer-involving organisations and community groups to recognise and reward excellence and significant achievements by nominating one or more of their volunteers.

South Australian based volunteer-involving organisations and community groups are encouraged to nominate one or more of their volunteers to recognise and reward excellence and significant achievements.

Premier's Certificates are an ideal award to recognise outstanding volunteers on occasions such as National Volunteers Week (21-27 May 2018), on Volunteers Day (11 June 2018), at an Annual General Meeting, or a special morning/afternoon tea.


The Office for Volunteers will consider all nominations for volunteers who have:

  • significantly contributed to the community through their ongoing commitment and dedication to volunteering
  • demonstrated leadership and promoted volunteering within the community.

Nominating is easy

Who can nominate

South Australian based volunteer-involving organisations and community groups.

Nominations close 5pm, Friday 6 April 2018.

For more information, please contact: Office for Volunteers on 1300 014 712 or via email ofv@sa.gov.au.

South Australian volunteer certificate of appreciation

South Australian Volunteer's Certificate of Recognition

The South Australian Volunteer Certificate of Appreciation is available to all South Australian based organisations or community groups to acknowledge their volunteers.

This might include recognising them for the number of hours contributed, the achievement of a particular outcome or purely for their dedication.

Each certificate features the signature of the Minister for Volunteers.

These certificates are available all year round and you can place your order for certificates with the Office for Volunteers by phoning 1300 014 712 or emailing ofv@sa.gov.au.