About us

Volunteering is a vital part of the South Australian way of life - generating great community spirit and helping to make our neighbourhoods welcoming, safe and inclusive.

Whether it is delivering meals, helping others in an emergency, patrolling our beaches, running our sporting clubs or supporting the needs of others, volunteers make a real difference to our lives and to the community in which we live.

Formed in 2001, the International Year of the Volunteer, the Office for Volunteers provides strategic policy advice to the South Australian Government on issues impacting volunteers and supports the Minister for Volunteers in achieving South Australia's Strategic Plan target 24 - Maintain a high level of formal and informal volunteering in South Australia at 70% participation rate or higher.

It also has a key role in implementing the Volunteering Strategy for South Australia and the Advancing the Community Together (ACT) Partnership, landmark agreements established between the volunteer community and the South Australian Government. Through these agreements, the Office for Volunteers has worked in partnership with the volunteer community, to create a variety of resources, programs and events to help support and develop volunteerism in South Australia.

Minister for Volunteers

Minister for Volunteers

Hon Zoe Bettison MP